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Nalas oil is a Natural Health Food products produced and marketed by Nalas enterprises, Salem. In 2019, we set up a small scale mill for producing cold pressed oil, in Salem. With meticulous R&D, we designed a manufacturing process that achieves the best product quality with consistency. Our oils are made from the finest quality food grade seeds sourced from farms in Southern India. We take utmost care to preserve their true nutrition, flavor and aroma. In the two years that followed, we were happy to receive positive testimonial from our customers.

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We wanted to reach out to more people, in accordance to our mission. We set up a new factory unit and scaled up our production. Today our products are available in Nalas online stores. Our growth has only bolstered us further in our mission. The quality of our oil has seen no slump, it only gets better. We are constantly evolving our practices to meet your daily nutrition needs. Our Products are based on the philosophy that whatever we require for a healthy living can be found in Nature.

Why Nalas?

We bring back your memories of delicious and rich traditional cooking with our cold pressed oil

Our Oil are made in conventional slow process extraction. Our authentic traditional process retains all the vital nutrients, the rich flavour and aroma of the sun-dried oil seeds.

Get the goodness of healthy fats, while having zero trans-fats (bad cholesterol) with our cold pressed coconut oil extracted at temperatures less than 50°C.

Use Our Oil and Feel the difference in quality from most products in the market

As we carefully handcraft our food products with utmost care our products are extremely safe for customer use


Nalas Enterprises
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